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For many people, holidays provide the perfect time to travel. Whether your journeys take you to spend time with family or on a relaxing vacation, planning ahead can make the whole process less stressful -- and less costly. Google is here to help with that. We help make the process of searching for a flight and hotel easier by helping you find the best solution for your holiday travel needs. We’ll even help you find the best things to do once you reach your destination.

Above, choose the holiday season when you will be traveling to see historic flight price trends and current hotel deals.

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Flight Price Trends during Thanksgiving

Knowing when to buy your plane tickets for any trip can be stressful. Trying to plan holiday travel between hectic schedules and extra travelers while still trying to find the lowest price can be even worse. Let us help with that. Check out the price trends for 25 most common holiday flight routes from 2017 to find how many days before travel you should be thinking about buying that ticket.

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Holiday hotel deals

Like flights, finding a hotel deal around the holidays can be tricky. We found the top global cities for each holiday season that offer you the best balance between cost and potential availability at 3-star and above hotels. Click on the cities in the table to see sample hotel deals in those locations. Once you’ve explored possible destinations, check out the most popular things to do in each city based on “saves” from Google Maps and Search.

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