Mapping Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and Google Maps is here to help make celebrating a breeze. Using data from 2018’s holiday season, we’re giving you a closer look at the places people visit during the holidays, when to visit them, and the best times to get on (or stay off) the road in 2019.

The best and worst times to get things done

Nothing kills a festive mood like waiting in line. Using aggregated and anonymized Popular Times data, we identified when crowds tend to be the largest at 5 holiday favorites: bakeries, grocery stores, liquor stores, movie theaters, and shopping centers. Check out when crowds tend to peak during Thanksgiving week, and make sure to avoid visiting during those times.

When traffic spikes in your city

You may know your city’s traffic patterns like the back of your hand, but holiday traffic is an entirely different beast. Using everyday traffic trends in your area as a baseline, here’s when you can expect traffic to be heavier than usual during Thanksgiving week.

When to hit the road

Your car is loaded up, the gas tank is full, and the turkey is ready to go. To keep your drive as stress free as possible, we’ve identified the best and worst times to leave for your Thanksgiving road trip so you can get to your celebration right on time.

When Should I Leave

For My Holiday Road-Trip?

Show me only daytime travel
Before Thanksgiving
  • Best Time:
  • Worst Time:
After Thanksgiving
  • Best Time:
  • Worst Time:

See how traffic changes on different days

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